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Kids Kickboxing Classes at Trinity Martial Arts

Kids Kickboxing Classes at Trinity Martial Arts provide a FUN and FRIENDLY way to get your child involved in martial arts!

Our Junior Kickboxing syllabus teaches a foundation of striking, blocking & evasion techniques, where students practice against pads, both with partners and in small groups.

We provide a SAFE ENVIRONMENT where all of our students receive individual guidance and, as a result, are able to develop and grow with close supervision.

We do not teach sparring or competition fighting.

Our aim is not to produce competition fighters. We aim to develop COORDINATION, DISCIPLINE and SELF-CONFIDENCE in children and provide them with a solid foundation in martial arts, that they will further develop in our separate KAPAP Krav Maga classes.

KAPAP Krav Maga – (classes available for 8 years +) an effective system developed specifically for self defence (not competition) which combines various techniques from a number of different martial arts.

Whether they are 5 years old or 12 years old, our aim is for every student to leave each of their Kids Kickboxing Classes with a sense of ACHIEVEMENT, as a result of LEARNING SOMETHING NEW, achieving a NEW GOAL, conquering a NEW TECHNIQUE, or having simply ENJOYED themselves and had FUN in doing so.

The Benefits of Kids Kickboxing Classes:

Increased Self Confidence

Increased Self Discipline

Increased Self Control

Self Respect & Respect for Others

Better Mental Health

Reduced Anxiety

Structured Levels of Achievement

Learning from Instruction

Increased Concentration

Improved Coordination

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

Providing an Outlet for their Energy

and HAVING FUN at the same time!!!

The positive effects on the physical and mental health of children that martial arts provides is widely recognised.

As well as improving physical skills such as coordination, spatial awareness and balance, martial arts also provide a workout for the brain by encouraging positive synaptic connections as a result of learning new techniques. This is of course in addition to the benefit of the release of dopamine from the brain during physical activity.

Due to the progressive staged learning of martial arts, it is a proven confidence booster and an excellent way for children to experience a sense of achievement and self belief.

Self control and self discipline are naturally developed skills within martial arts as students are taught how to perform techniques in proper stance and with control. These are equally important skills for the development of a well-rounded character.

Respect for others (both fellow students and Instructors) and themselves is another key character trait that students develop as a result of practicing martial arts.

It is unlikely that your child will ever need to use the physical skills that they learn at Trinity Martial Arts, but knowing they have the skills to be able to keep themselves safe should they need to, will naturally boost their own self image and how they carry themselves and portray themselves to others. 

We support Telford and Wrekin’s 10 by 10 initiative.

Kids Kickboxing at Trinity Martial Arts & Self Defence
Kids Kickboxing at Trinity Martial Arts & Self Defence

Required Safety Equipment:

  • Gloves
  • Focus pads