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Continuous Improvement & Progression at Trinity Martial Arts:

To monitor student’s progression, a belt system is used.

Advancing through the belt system requires regular class attendance, focus, effort, discipline and practice.

The first belt to be awarded is Yellow Belt, where correct execution and understanding of basic techniques needs to be demonstrated before the belt is awarded.

Over time and as experience is gained, students are able to progress through the belt system, learning and demonstrating ever more complex techniques.

Assessment of a student’s level of ability is carried out at set intervals and after specific techniques from the syllabus have been learned. These assessments are called Gradings.

Gradings at Trinity Martial Arts:

Yellow belt gradings are generally taken 6-12 weeks after training has begun, but this can vary depending on a student’s ability.

Orange Belt through to Purple Belt gradings are generally every 3 months.

Brown Belt gradings can only be taken at least 6 months after achieving a Purple Belt.

Black Belt gradings can only be taken at least 12 months after achieving a Brown Belt. The Lead Instructor will decide when a student is ready to grade for their Black Belt.

National Recognition:

The Trinity Martial Arts syllabi for Kids Kickboxing Classes and Trinity Martial Arts and Self Defence Classes are ratified by our governing body, the BMABA, so student’s can rest assured that their gradings and the earning of their belts are nationally recognised.